Hello! I'm based in west wales and i love everything about capturing couples on their special day, from the most adventurous to the smallest of detail. I'm really passionate about taking 'proper' photos, and that to me means, when you see a photo of yourself, or a loved one, it takes you right back to that moment, so you immediately see the real smile, you imagine the laugh, remember the gorgeous (hopefully) perfume they always wear, or how good the cwtches are. Photographs are so unbelievably important they capture the beauty of you, and your day, and in years to come allow you to look back on them with the best memories. Most of the wedding day is me being a little ninja, photographing your day as it happens, and the other part is taking you off for a walk to get those precious memories together just the two of you looking amazing. (remember i'm a quiet ninja) 

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I have a Husband Chris (my biggest fan) and two Bichon Friese, Bobby and Bella. Bobby sometimes will be sitting on my lap when i'm trying to edit, Bella mostly distracts me by constantly wanting to go outside and play (unless it's raining ofcourse)

Chris and the dogs

I love to go out to sea, on a kayak or boat, when there are dolphins jumping even better!The smell of the salty air makes me feel right at home. 

The Sea

I love to garden. I grow Veg and try to grow flowers, Bobby especially likes to steal my runner beans 


I love cake, I mean LOVE cake and a cuppa Tea with it is perfect!

Cake and Tea

In the winter when it is cold, wet and dark outside I like to draw and paint.  


PACKAGE ONE - Full day coverage including 12 x 12 Folio Album, Online Album and  USB - £1790

PACKAGE TWO - Full day coverage including Online Album and USB  -£1290

PACKAGE THREE - From guests arriving until speeches typically 6 hours including Online Album and USB - £890

I'd love to hear about the plans you have for your wedding day so far, please contact me for a more detailed quote. 


It's such a great idea to have an engagement shoot, not only does this help with some photographs for your invites, it gets you used to being in front of the camera, allowing you to be even more relaxed on your wedding day. 



It is always great fun exploring different locations and finding out a families favourite place whilst out on a shoot. A sitting is £50 and prints start from £7.50




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